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The Epidemic Continues- U.S.P.S Breached: by Richard Blech

I continue to write about these almost daily occurrences of data breaches that are affecting our countries entire data infrastructure.

This time it is the U.S. Postal Service which is now part and parcel of the overall problem of what we are facing in this country with our sensitive data and digital identities. Here again, we just need to replay the record and the news report will be the same, just with a different entity that was hacked.

The pattern that we are seeing now from most of these data breaches is what has become a customary, reactionary after-the-fact afterthought. This of course is just too late and the damage is already done. No matter how much the breached victim plays it down the problem is never really resolved it. Just saying it will never happen again (until the time it happens again) or denying the data stolen was sensitive, the truth of the matter is, we may not feel the effects of this type of breach for months if even years.

There are some reports to this breach that it was Chinese of origin. Well, not only is that not surprising, but should have been anticipated long ago. Let’s face it folks, we are back to the Cold War times now updated to the digital ecosystem. We have to expect that the Chinese, the Russians and any other country will continue with relentless attempts to infiltrate our treasure troves of sensitive digital data until something is done to prevent it.

It seems clear that government legislation will be far too slow and realistically, said will never keep up with technology and especially not the cyber criminals.

Technology companies are certainly striving to plug the holes with proven technologies that will harden our infrastructures. It’s now up to the government offices, enterprises and corporate leaders to make protecting sensitive data a first priority instead of a footnote.

We can certainly expect that the next wave in these cyber-terrorism type attacks will be where we will really feel it, such as utility grids, mass transportation or the financial markets.

Cyber criminals have already hit DHS, the White House, OPM, Justice Department, NASA, FAA, Army and now the Postal Service.

A layered security approach including encrypting all sensitive data with impenetrable encryption will best protect our valuable digital assets.

It is no longer a matter of if we will be breached it is WHEN…

It is time to act and not just react.

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