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Secure Channels Inc Rolling Out Security Products

For payment processing, encrypted disk and authentification App for Android platform

Secure Channels Inc. announced three new security products at the RSA Conference 2015, a secure payment processing solution called Full Point Pay (FPP), a hardened user-defined encrypted disk storage solution called ParaDoxBox, and the company has adapted its SUBROSA© authentication application to the Android platform.

“The platform of new products was designed to address the vulnerabilities facing our digital assets,” said Richard Blech, CEO, Secure Channels. “The rapid proliferation of breaches has created an urgency to innovate technology that combats this escalating cyberwar. Our products will be deliverable for our enterprise customers, the government and our channels customers.”

Full Point Pay – FPP, a product created from Secure Channels Whitebox FDE technology, is an solution for payment processing at the point of sale terminal or mobile devices, with Secure Channels’ “unbreakable” pedigree at its core. FPP uses a WhiteBox FDE solution which enables the processing and transfer of data in any trusted or untrusted network with ‘hardened’ security and ‘one-way only’ data tokenization. Data tokenized with FPP is 100% compatible with today’s new PCI requirements and is easily and readily enabled for use with any point of sale system. Additionally, FPP provides special consideration for multi-factor authentication at point of purchase for mobile devices encompassing ‘humanized’ passwords. SUBROSA©, which exercises a visual password and biometric information to authorize users for payment. FPP is the absolute fix for hacked POS terminals, retail databases holding customer credit card information, and systems exposed to malware like RAM scrappers.

ParaDoxBox is deeply hardened, solving the digital storage problem across several industries, including anti-piracy for copy written content. User-defined encrypted disk storage for USB drives, cloud, folders and shared folders built on the patented PKMS2® platform. With the unbreakable pedigree of PKMS2®, speed of execution, and extensibility, ParaDoxBox allowsnative integration into NIST-approved encryption algorithms like AES and 3DES; while leveraging additional suites like Serpent, Twofish, and others which holistically and agnostically harden an array of file, folder, disk and format types. Secure Channels can integrate ‘humanized’ passwords into a FIPS3 Compliant Hardware Security Module (HSM) for encryption key management and lifecycle management. It allows the user to create an unbreakable storage system that is only accessible by them and the people they choose.

ParaDoxBox supports:

  1. Disk – Encrypted HDDs for any system — desktop, laptop, Server, and mobile.

  2. SAN – SANs encrypted using Secure Channels patented PKMS2® methodology – CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, Fibre.

  3. Cloud storage – S3, Box, DropBox, Google Drive and many other cloud storage systems encrypted and delivered to your desktop, laptop, server and mobile systems.

SUBROSA© Android App is a simple Android authentication application with security protecting your device, payment data, and most importantly personal information. The use of this application is ‘humanized’ with a visual and biometric password, and no need for special equipment. The ending token is FIPS 140-2 compliant and readily integrated into an HSM in the cloud allowing deep controls. The SUBROSA© app features a personalized ‘preferred’ visual password and ‘individual’ biometric information.

Secure Channels enables a full suite of on-premise datacenter (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen), off-premise infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace), cloud SaaS providers (Gmail, Office365, Salesforce, Box, S3), and critical data systems (SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop), secure channels covers today’s ‘modern datacenter’ with a quality, efficient, and speedy suite of solutions.

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Secure Channels BRINGS to market data encryption, cryptographic protocols, and access control/ privileged access/ user authentication technologies in the form of licensable tools, end user platforms and purpose-built solutions, SERVING software & application developers, hardware OEM and device manufacturers, and enterprise organizations, WHO place a premium on cybersecurity, risk reduction, and operational performance benefits or competitive differentiation provided, ALLOWING them to replace, augment, or introduce to new cryptography into their products or environments, PROVIDING material and measurable cybersecurity protections, risk reduction and data breach mitigation.

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