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Secure Channels Readies XOTIC® Core for Network Cameras

Lightweight Cipher Gives OEMs Faster, Stronger Tool to Aid End User Compliance

Secure Channels Inc. announced the release of its advanced encryption solution for network camera OEM integration.  Secure Channels’ XOTIC® Core cryptosystem gives network camera manufacturers new market advantages for selling encrypted video devices.  XOTIC Core encrypts digital video with block cipher strength at streaming cipher speed that allows network camera OEMs to provide more secure cameras without a performance tradeoff.  Secure Channels’ announcement comes as video encryption becomes more urgent to end users responsible for safeguarding image data under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Data privacy laws like the CCPA tend to be legally broad.  All 50 states have breach notification laws on the books, but California joins states like Nevada, Illinois and New Jersey by enacting a law that permits civil action against entities that fail to protect personal information.  Organizations are learning that when the CCPA goes into effect Jan. 1, video captured on their security and safety systems can meet the criteria of “personal information” covered.  Video of persons inside an airport, a retail establishment, a casino or a courthouse can form the basis of serious privacy violations in the event of a leak or breach. Organizations seeking to avoid possible liability and penalties under the CCPA are placing more importance on video cybersecurity.  XOTIC Core’s encryption gives network camera OEMs a powerful advantage in the race to provide these customers with devices that help them with compliance.

As the General Data Protection Regulation — the CCPA’s model predecessor — continues to motivate data privacy violation fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars, organizations worldwide entrusted with California residents’ personal information are realizing they could be liable for the unauthorized release of sensitive data, including video images. Encryption technologies, if any, that have been integrated into network cameras lean on algorithms that are losing their comparative strength to advancing quantum threats.  Others use 20-year-old standards that struggle to keep up with the performance demands of higher-megapixel, higher-frame-rate cameras. XOTIC Core solves for both deficiencies.

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