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Secure Channels Announces New Encryption Patents

Secure Channels Inc. Announces New Encryption Patents and New Partnership Opportunities With Inventors

Cyber Defense Company Launches New Technology and Opportunities

IRVINE, CA — (Marketwired) — 02/26/15 — Secure Channels Inc., an innovator in the development of cyber defense technologies including paradigm-shifting authentication and patented encryption technologies that protect data-at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-process, today announced the acquisition of new patents and technology solutions to join several others acquired or developed by the company in 2014. These new solutions will be added to Secure Channels arsenal of hacker defeating solutions to protect business-critical data. In addition, the company also announced a new program for inventors to present technology for easy acquisition.

“We believe 2015 will be an exciting year of growth and innovation for Secure Channels as new demand for impenetrable encryption will continue to expand,” said Richard Blech, CEO of Secure Channels.

In addition to Secure Channels own new patents, the company continues to seek new technology from inventors who may have found it difficult to make inroads with large enterprise technology companies.

“We are actively looking to partner with the most innovative minds in technology,” said Blech. “We believe our program is the first of its kind for a company our size and the addition of new technologies compatible with our suite of products and solutions will offer new avenues for growth.”

Secure Channels new encryption patents and proprietary IP represent disruptive change for the way big data centers provide security and how users secure cell phones, protecting data from every point of inception for every user. Recently, President Obama spoke about cyber security and stated “I’m a strong believer in strong encryption.” Secure Channels’ patents protect at unparalleled speed, which will allow organizations to protect their valuable data in places previously incapable of being protected, due to the cumbersomeness that is the standard encryption available protocols before Secure Channels. Having a Seasoned, Holistic, and Best-Practices driven solution, Secure Channels delivers high-security to the Cloud, Private Datacenters, Mobility Platforms and a Wide Array of Database Systems.

Secure Channels deploys a modernized, speedy, light-weight and overall a highly secure system to address both structured and unstructured data. This translates into substantial speed of execution for File Systems and Database Platforms like SQL, Oracle, and many other critical Line-Of-Business (LOB) systems. In benchmark testing, a 64kb file would be encrypted and decrypted in less than 1000th of a second per operation. This substantial performance advantage brings to light another dimension of capabilities for businesses; where critical systems previously left without the encryption, can now be covered with deep security protocols. In light of recent breaches, enterprises are recognizing that data “can” be compromised; however, Secure Channels makes the data unbreakable. Where the commodity and legacy perimeter security, and AES Algorithm-based systems are being compromised daily; Secure Channels stands to be the leader with its Unbreakable and Patented Solutions.

Secure Channels has kicked 2015 off by winning the Top Award at the recent Data Center Insights Summit. The Best Case Study Presentation honors the best data center or enterprise solution. Secure Channels see tremendous value in leveraging patents for greater technology that haven’t been fully exploited and plans on new inventors to be a focus in 2015. This program gives inventors a clear path to senior management for presenting their technology, answering questions, and working with the company to turn a great idea into a great product.

About Secure Channels, Inc.

Secure Channels Inc. has created a paradigm shift within the technology industry. Secure Channels Inc. is a cybersecurity firm leveraging robust, state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while still being user defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels.

Developing patented unique processes to harden encryption and envelop resources in such a way as to render the data unbreakable and useless to the hacker, leaving them with only bits and bytes. By using its Proximity Technologies and securing data through Internet of Things (IoT) Devices, Secure Channels will be delivering real time analytics, payment processing, and data collection to any mobile platform or device. Secure Channels provides impenetrable cybersecurity far in excess of any existing encryption systems available, you would have to go to the future to find such security and Secure Channels would already be there. For more information, go to www.securechannels.com.

For more information about Secure Channels, visit our website: www.securechannels.com

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Secure Channels BRINGS to market data encryption, cryptographic protocols, and access control/ privileged access/ user authentication technologies in the form of licensable tools, end user platforms and purpose-built solutions, SERVING software & application developers, hardware OEM and device manufacturers, and enterprise organizations, WHO place a premium on cybersecurity, risk reduction, and operational performance benefits or competitive differentiation provided, ALLOWING them to replace, augment, or introduce to new cryptography into their products or environments, PROVIDING material and measurable cybersecurity protections, risk reduction and data breach mitigation.

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