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New Patents From Secure Channels Offer Encrypted Security

New Patents From Secure Channels Inc. Offer Encrypted Security For Email, Document Distribution, Video Content, And Data Compression

Company’s Four Patents Represent Several Industry-First Breakthroughs — Provides Multiple Industries with New Ways to Protect Data at Rest and in Transit

IRVINE, Calif., April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Secure Channels Inc., provider of innovative security solutions designed to complement existing security investments, announced today it recently filed for four patents which will transform the security practices for email, video content, data compression, and streamlined document distribution.

Each patent adds another layer of power and capability to the company’s XOTIC®platform, a new state-of-the-art streaming cipher protocol that is more flexible, extensible, and faster than other commercially-available programs. “These four patents will work in concert within XOTIC® to provide multiple industries with a whole new way to ensure security,” says Richard Blech, Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc. “Our team has the expertise to create security-based solutions that are truly transformative and represent technical breakthroughs that have not been reached by any other firm.”

Secure Channels Inc. developed a patent titled “XOTIC® Email” that provides strong encryption for email communications that does not utilize public key infrastructure (PKI). Instead, the simple email plug-in known as XFA Mail (XOTIC® File Attachment) leverages one-time pad (OTP) technology in order to solidify emails from man-in-the-middle and Wi-Fi sniffing attacks. This non-PKI method of encrypting email is many factors harder to hack than any current email encryption, and can be utilized with standard email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, as well as Microsoft Office products. Secure Channels Inc. was able to provide this level of nearly unbreakable encryption without increasing the file size, an issue that preventing previous widespread adoption of this type of email encryption.

An additional patent called “XOTIC® Video” was constructed to protect video intellectual property in real time. The patent allows raw footage content to be put through the XOTIC® platform for immediate encrypted protection. It represents a significant performance upgrade from PKI-based encryption, and allows content producers such as movie studios a way to instantly protect valuable video content at the moment it moves from the lens to the hard drive.

The compression encryption patent, which will be marketed as “XOTIC®cp,” provides users of high-end camera arrays with encryption that occurs in real time, as soon as data leaves the camera. Secure Channels created this patent because it recognized the progression of the sensor industry in terms of the growth of data and the pressing need for security solutions to protect that information. The patent is titled “System and Apparatus for achieving optimum encryption through compression information for time constrained operations,” and will provide industries such as aerospace, IoT firms, and the entertainment business a way to instantly protect content with a very fast encryption standard performed with compression.

The polymorphic encryption, known as “LENS” is a cryptographic solution based on the XOTIC® platform that solves the problems that can occur with the distribution of secure documents and the inefficiencies found within such actions. The patent is titled “System and Method for use of instance vectors within a polymorphic cryptographic process” and allows users to receive multiple views from the same document and streamlines document access at the cryptographic level. The patent can greatly benefit the management of documents such as medical records that need to be sent in encrypted formats to the patient, billing, various practitioners, and insurance.

The LENS process allows all of the patient information to reside on a single document, and specific keys allow the various entities to see only approved data. The company solved tricky technical hurdles with the LENS patent, including its ability to not return errors back to someone trying to access a document, which is designed to deter hackers because a brute force attacker will not know if any attempt at access is a success or failure.

Experience Secure Channels industry leading technologies at the RSA Conference 2018. Visit Booth #2539 in the South Expo at the Moscone Center from April 16-20. For more information about the upcoming XOTIC® platform and Secure Channels’ innovative solutions, visit www.securechannels.com.

About Secure Channels Inc. Secure Channels Inc. offers innovative, agile security solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with organizations’ existing solutions. Agnostic by nature, solutions customize to user environments without compromising protection. Our mission is to help organizations make the most of their active security tools used for authentication and data protection, while providing a cost and performance effective solution to address the ever-increasing security challenges organizations face today.

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