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New infosec products of the week​: October 13, 2017

CloudAI delivers advanced analytics that leverage artificial intelligence LogRhythm introduced CloudAI, an advanced cloud-based security analytics offering. Initially focused on extending and enhancing LogRhythm’s existing user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities, CloudAI uses artificial intelligence to detect advanced threats that employ unknown attacks and unknown methods and provide security teams visibility into emerging and active user-based threats.

ObserveIT is evolving its solution for identifying and preventing user-based risk ObserveIT 7.1 features capabilities to thwart data exfiltration, including File Activity Monitoring to track and instantly alert organizations when unauthorized files are being downloaded or exported using internet or intranet browsers. Other new features include Enhanced Alert Workflow to speed response and share suspicious activity outside of security teams, Clipboard Monitoring with keyword alerts, and advanced reporting capabilities.

BitSight Executive Reports: Actionable metrics that foster educated business decisions BitSight Executive Reports is a security ratings-based executive reporting engine that enable board members and executives to measure their organization’s third-party cyber risk. With the ability to produce customized reports on the security performance of third parties, organizations will not only be more empowered to take the appropriate steps to mitigate risk, but also make strategic decisions to optimize their security and risk programs.

Application-specific Security-as-a-Service to protect cloud applications ShiftLeft introduced a fully automated Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) for cloud software that understands the security needs of each version of each application, and creates custom security and threat detection for it. ShiftLeft also identifies vulnerabilities, including contextual vulnerabilities with usage of Open Source Software (OSS) and data leakage risks, allowing organizations to either fix them or protect against them in production using ShiftLeft’s Microagent.

ZoneFox launches hosted UEBA platform ZoneFox released its fully hosted platform. ZoneFox combats the growing risk of the insider threat, identifies and alerts on anomalous or suspicious activity by monitoring user behaviour and data movement, both on and off the network. This includes activity such as file transferring, data loss or theft, writing IP to removable media, tunnelling data through the dark web, ransomware and malware files entering the network and unauthorised or suspicious file access.

New protocol to improve AES-256 encryption Secure Channels Inc. announced a new, mathematically provable patented PKMS2® protocol that improves the security of modern block ciphers. The new process is configurable for compliance with FIPS 140-2, can be integrated into any application requiring block cipher encryption algorithms and can be integrated with enterprise key management solutions. The mathematics behind the PKMS2® protocol proves its efficacy in thwarting an attack where the first layer of AES-256 fails, and the protocol acts as a secondary layer.

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