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Massive Security Breach Hits 25,000 DHS Federal Workers

AP is now reporting that the federal workers at the DHS were hit in a massive attack:

In yet another of the daily epidemic reporting of security breaches, AP is now reporting that the federal workers at the DHS were hit in a massive attack: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/security-breach-hit-25000-federal-workers-25091333

I would opine that this is just the tip of the iceberg and it will be revealed later that the depth and severity is far worse than is being reported suspiciously late on a Friday afternoon.

This is serious folks, the DHS funded with billions from taxpayer funds is instituted to protect our country. Now it may well be that crucial and sensitive information regarding the security of our country is free in the wilds of the internet. The likelihood that this breach resulted from merely a hack attack from the perimeter is minimal and more likely came from within.

When you can imagine quantifying the high value that DHS data can hold in the hands of our enemies, the chances that a rogue insider magnifies greatly.

All sensitive data like this should be enveloped in security with absolute certainty. These breaches are becoming a normal part of the the digital life we reside in now and the highest forms of protection must be instituted.

Encrypting data to the point where the breached data is completely UNHACKABLE and useless to the thieves is the only certain way to protect our treasures.

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