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CEO Richard Blech’s Letter to the Editor …

To Brandon Bailey AP Technical Writer

The easiest way to get people to go against their own interest is to threaten a lack of protection. Except the FBI is telling people to give up protection or they cannot protect you. Data is valuable and protecting it in digital form is no different than a paper document that’s locked away in a vault. Law enforcement has it’s own responsibility and the rest of the world has theirs. Refusing to mitigate our company’s damages just in case the FBI wants access is not even logical and should be considered at the very least irresponsible. “The average amount of fraud linked to a stolen social security number is $2,330 and the average for a credit card is $1,250,” according to estimates from the attorney general California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Cyber criminals will break the law to get to your data, and if they get it they can crush the business. Harris is recommending additional changes, including legislation that sets stricter notification requirements and provides financial aid to help small businesses adopt data safeguards. She also urges companies to use stronger encryption and other protective methods.

Companies should be able to fully protect and preserve their data. A breach costs everyone money; the company, the customers, stockholders and venders. This is not a complicated argument, it is a complicated misdirect of information. Failure to seek the highest form of protection for companies and customers data borders on criminal behavior no better than the hacker.

As the sophistication and capabilities of today’s hackers continues to advance, so should the level of encryption that would be required to thwart those capabilities. The only technological advancement being acknowledged is the hackers. Security has to grow faster than the rate of a hackers’ expertise for everyone’s safety. Law enforcement has its own mountain of technology to climb asking the world to allow the hackers the only advancement is handing over the keys to everything. Protect your data with certainty by enveloping it with impenetrable encryption, which leaves the thief with only useless bits and bytes. Encryption at maximum protection is the only responsible answer. Maximum encryption would not prevent law enforcement from properly acting, just as they do now they must follow due process, which means find probable cause and getting warrants. Anything other is an end run around everybody else’s rights and responsibilities.

For More on Richard Blech go to Securechannels.com Read the original article here.

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