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CEO Richard Blech Comments On Gov’t Log-In Theft

Security Expert Comments on CIA Finds Stolen Gov’t Log-ins Across the Web

“This is further demonstration of catastrophic, systemic failure. And what will the hackers ultimately do with these credentials? They will of course use them for secondary breaches with far greater implications. Sooner or later, and it unfortunately appears that it will be sooner, highly organized, deeply funded hackers going to use these credentials to gain very deep access to critical agency resources. Within the Department of Energy? The Department of Defense? What harm will we do to ourselves and other nation states through sloppy security? If data had been deeply encrypted and protected with multi-factor authentication, little to none of this credentialing information would be available, and absolutely none of it would allow access to troves of some of the planet’s most sensitive data and powerful capabilities.” CEO Richard Blech

Secure Channels’ robust, state-of-the-art PKMS2® encryption renders all types of data fully protected and unreadable. eliminating any potential for back door access and mining – by governmental agencies and even by Secure Channels’ own systems and personnel. It is recognized as being orders of magnitude more secure than all known commercial security industry encryption methods.

Secure Channels Inc. is a cybersecurity firm leveraging robust, state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while still being user defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels. The development of patented unique processes that harden encryption and envelop resources renders the data unbreakable and useless to the hacker leaving them with only bits and bytes. By using its Proximity Technologies and securing data through IoT Devices, Secure Channels will be delivering real time analytics, payment processing, and data collection to any mobile platform or device. Secure Channels provides impenetrable cybersecurity far in excess of any existing encryption systems available.

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Secure Channels BRINGS to market data encryption, cryptographic protocols, and access control/ privileged access/ user authentication technologies in the form of licensable tools, end user platforms and purpose-built solutions, SERVING software & application developers, hardware OEM and device manufacturers, and enterprise organizations, WHO place a premium on cybersecurity, risk reduction, and operational performance benefits or competitive differentiation provided, ALLOWING them to replace, augment, or introduce to new cryptography into their products or environments, PROVIDING material and measurable cybersecurity protections, risk reduction and data breach mitigation.

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