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The latin phrase SUBROSA® means “under the rose” and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality.*

Semantically Meaningful Key Generation Eliminates Memorization Problems

SUBROSA® users choose unique data resources to generate their keys and establish a personal interaction pattern with the resource. This relationship is intuitive and easily memorized, but not readily shared or stolen.

Product Definition

Eliminate Vulnerabilities Associated with Password Based Authentication On a typical day, users access 25 password protected networks, applications or sites. It’s a losing battle: Either create different, complex passwords that are difficult to remember for each account (leading to insecure password storage) or use a few simple passwords across many accounts, increasing the risk of a single stolen or broken password resulting in multiple breaches. Social engineering and phishing attacks compound the problem. These vulnerabilities exist because of the basic characteristics of passwords as human-readable shared knowledge.

Use Case

SUBROSA® solves this challenge by decoupling users and keys. SUBROSA® creates long, extremely complex, non-human readable cryptographic keys that can only be reproduced through a combination of unique data resources and semantics. SUBROSA® authentication routines are easily memorized and support any environment requiring password authentication. SUBROSA® all but eliminates vulnerabilities to brute force attacks, shoulder surfing, social engineering and phishing. Additionally, SUBROSA® seamlessly integrates with other authentication factors (e.g., tokens, biometrics, geolocation, etc.) as well as enterprise identity management and single sign on mechanisms.