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Secure Channels Key Manager Cloud
Secure Channels Encryption & Key Management Hosted in the Cloud

Enterprises can now safely migrate applications to the cloud without deploying encryption key management in their own data centers. The Secure Channels Key Manager Cloud offers fully redundant, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption key management for cloud applications running in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Rackspace,, and many other cloud environments.

Secure & Compliant Encryption Key Management

Consisting of a pair of production and high availability (HA) key servers, Secure Channels Key Manager Cloud is hosted in geographically dispersed data centers under an ITIL-based control environment independently validated for compliance against PCI DSS and SOC frameworks.

With Key Manager Secure Channels Key Manager Cloud You Can:

Create, protect, store, and distribute encryption keys. Only your security administrators have access to the EKM.

At no extra charge, deploy Secure Channels’s ready-to-use security applications for Microsoft Server, Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Cell Level Encryption, Microsoft SharePoint encryption, and other applications. There are never extra fees for deploying client-side applications.

Meet compliance regulations for system log collection without interference by your cloud vendor. Key server system logs can be sent to your own log collection server, or you can deploy an optional Security log collection server.

Create secure backups of your key database that can be sent either to your own backup server or you can deploy an optionally priced Secure Channels backup server.

Achieve true separation of duties and dual control that are mandatory for regulatory compliance and security best practices.

Deploy fully redundant, highly available, mirrored key servers with geographic separation for the highest possible uptime for any data protection need. You can even integrate key management with key servers hosted in your data center.