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A revolutionary, hyper-fast, and highly secure encryption system for all data masses.



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  • XOTIC™ - Secure Channels patented technology is a transformational multi-encryption (Superencipherment), high-speed architecture, that provides unmatched performance and substantial security over current security technologies. Innovated by Secure Channels’ highly-seasoned cryptographers and programmers, XOTIC is unmatched in strength and speed of execution.

Key XOTIC™ Technology Benefits

  • XOTIC™ powerfully and drastically increases the security of any data packet with an ingenious superencipherment method of execution. The result is a tool which encrypts all types of data “On the fly” to a broad set of systems - Cloud (Amazon, Azure), Mobile devices ( iOS, Android), Databases (Oracle, SQL, MongoDB, Hadoop), Applications (Web, Middle-Tier, Backend), Storage (S3, Disk, Box, Google Drive), Payment (EMV, NFC, Apple, Google), and Authentication (Multi-factor Biometric, Active Directory, HSM).