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A transformational, patented, database multi-encryption (superencipherment) product.



  • A transformational, patented, database multi-encryption (superencipherment) product with unsurpassed speed of execution for a wide array of database systems. ViperShield provides unmatched performance and security over current security technologies. Innovated by Secure Channels’ highly-seasoned cryptographers and programmers, ViperShield™ is unmatched in strength and speed of execution.

Key ViperShield™ Technology Benefits

  • ViperShield™ excels at fast, efficient and hardened encryption for a wide array of line-of-business (LOB) systems. ViperShield increases powerfully the security of any database without compromising system performance and scalability.

Complete Coverage Protection & Capability Preservation

  • Unstructured databases (and the ancillary files used by structured databases), are protected by the same process: encrypting the volume of disk store used. While similar to Oracle’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), ViperShield™ is easier to manage and is database agnostic. Additionally, the efficient utilization of DBMS resources and scalability of performance are retained.

Format Preserving Encryption

  • With other encryption methods there is a trade-off between security and performance. Not with ViperShield. Our FPE minimizes the impact on schemas and storage sizing by deriving the encryption key on the fly avoiding translation table growth exhibited by other tokenization schemes.
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Protecting All Sensitive Information Including The Ancillary Data

  • When securing data in a structured database such as Oracle, enterprises need to consider that sensitive data probably resides in unanticipated locations outside of the database itself. Simply encrypting the database using, for example, TDE, is inadequate to mitigate all the risks to the data in the database. Robust data security includes protecting the ancillary data surrounding the database.

Defense in Depth

  • In addition, structured database access controls can be associated with the encryption independent of the normal database protections. This capability can be used to provide additional benefits such as defense in depth and simplified auditing.

Use Case

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