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One versatile platform for encrypting

data wherever it resides

Enterprise Functionality for Any Size Organization

The ParaDoxBox™ encryption management platform incorporates a rich feature set of functionality for any size organization.

ParaDoxBox™ Enterprise combines our endpoint encryption management platform with our flexible cloud-based administration interface to offer organizations the versatility to manage full disk, partition, and file level encryption as well as cloud hosted data.

The ParaDoxBox™ E3 Protocol (Enhanced Encription Engine) improves the security of your critical data and extends the useful life of current encryption algorithms through a patented use of layering and segmentation encryption techniques, providing exponentially stronger encryption compared to using single algorithms.

ParaDoxBox™ Enterprise

Enterprise Endpoint Encryption Management Platform v1.2.5.0 with patented PKMS2 “E3 Protocol”. ParaDoxBox Enterprise incorporates a rich enterprise feature set as well as SCI’s patented Pattern Key, Multi-Segment, Multi-Standard (PKMS2) with Enhanced Encryption Engine (E3) protocol.

It’s estimated that 96% of data stolen in enterprise breaches was unencrypted, and therefore exposed to malicious actors. In many cases the failure to protect sensitive data was due either to encryption technology being unavailable to enterprise employees or to technical complexity posing a barrier to its widespread use. Secure Channels’ ParaDoxBox fills this gap by providing intuitive, user-friendly comprehensive, versatile laptop, workstation, network and Cloud encryption solutions as well as enterprise management functionality that ensures positive control over users, billing and data access. ParaDoxBox is available when used with Secure Channels’ PKMS2 technology, which has been mathematically proven to improve the security available with standard patented ciphers (e.g., AES) by 50%, provide fallback security and significantly improve resistance to message recovery attacks.

ParaDoxBox uses On-The-Fly-Encryption (OTFE) to encrypt and protect data on endpoints, network storage and Cloud locations, and provides secure mechanisms to share encrypted data with other ParaDoxBox users within the enterprise as well as with non-ParaDoxBox users external to the enterprise. OTFE ensures that data is never persistently stored in an unencrypted state. Incorporating the E3 Protocol, best of breed symmetric ciphers, enhanced authentication technology, and enterprise controls for key management, account management and billing. ParaDoxBox offers enhanced security that flexibly supports enterprise requirements.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Protects device, network and Cloud storage locations
  • Users choose encryption scope (disk, partition, volume, file, share, Cloud location, etc.), storage locations and the algorithms and modes of operation that encrypt data
  • Protects device, network and Cloud storage locations
  • Incorporates PKMS2 E3 Protocol and multifactor authentication

Use Cases

ParaDoxBox™ creates encrypted virtual containers on endpoints, networks or in the Cloud, providing protection levels that meet or exceed industry and national standards. It is transparent once deployed, requiring no specialized training. Users select the encryption algorithms and the standards with which to comply (e.g., FIPS 140-2 Annex A). ParaDoxBox™ also supports superencipherment, layering and combining multiple encryption algorithms while (optionally) remaining FIPS compliant as well as utilizing Secure Channels’ SUBROSA™ authentication technology. Even in the event the network is breached, ParaDoxBox™ ensures that your data is safe.

Technical Details

Operating Systems, Desktop
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Encryption Algorithms
AES, Simon, Twofish, Serpent, MARS, Speck, Aria, Camellia, PKMS2

Modes of Operation

Key Hashing Algorithms
SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA3-256 (future), SHA3-384 (future), SHA3-512 (future), PBKDF2

Authentication Factors
Knowledge, Possession, Biometric, Machine Inherence, Location