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October 31, 2014

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CEO Richard Blech’s Letter to the Editor …

To Brandon Bailey AP Technical Writer

The easiest way to get people to go against their own interest is to threaten a lack of protection. Except the FBI is telling people to give up protection or they cannot protect you. Data is valuable and protecting it in digital form is no different than a paper document that’s locked away in a vault. Law enforcement has it’s own responsibility and the rest of the world has theirs. Refusing to mitigate our company’s damages just in case the FBI wants access is not even logical and should be considered at the very least irresponsible. “The average amount of fraud linked to a stolen social security number is $2,330 and the average for a credit card is $1,250,” according to estimates from the attorney general California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Cyber criminals will break the law to get to your data, and if they get it they can crush the business. Harris is recommending additional changes, including legislation that sets stricter notification requirements and provides financial aid to help small businesses adopt data safeguards. She also urges companies to use stronger encryption and other protective methods.

October 21, 2014

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Protecting Attorney Client Privilege in the Internet Era

In the digital age, international corporations have learned the importance of beefing up their network security and have invested heavily in protecting their data from prying eyes. Unfortunately, the law firms that serve these companies appear to be seriously lagging behind in their efforts to keep their clients’ information secure. Files held by lawyers are extremely vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments, competitors and opposing counsel. Recent reports have cited the gaping holes in the data security measures that are currently in place in legal services firms. Understanding the importance of implementing high level security protection is an essential element of working in today’s digital jungle.

Assessing the Threats: Who Are the Hackers and What Do They Want?