Secure Channels Inc

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Secure Channels IncTechnology

    Secure Channels encrypted patented cloud services include.

    • Private cloud with public facing subnets which allow for secure storage,
    • Robust language agnostic customer interfaces
    • Defense against denial of service attacks through auto-scaling based on demand.

    SecureChannels Process Hardened Encryption Resource Environment

    SPHERE is our technology that combines the following into a cohesive process

    • current encryption standards (e.g. AES256)
    • our own patented protocols (e.g. PKMS2)
    • our own mathematical encryption models (over 350 patterns)
    • an encryption oriented scripting language
    • optional customer encryption processes

    Pattern Key Multi Segment, Multi Standard

    PKMS2 enhanced Encryption

    • Patented technology that uses available FIPS certified 3rd party encryption libraries in a new and innovative way to produce “unbreakable”* communications and data files. The technology is entitled PKMS2 for “Pattern Key Multi Segment, Multi Standard.” .